Time Travels

Photography is a method of recording the things one’s eyes see for only a moment. In most applications it is usually just a fraction of a second. This series explores the conceptual aspects of time and shows the effect of capturing and compressing extended time onto a single plate of film.

This project initially began by making exposures of star trails. As I continued experimenting I began painting-in objects with artificial lighting. Accidentally, I made an exposure of the sun while intending to close the lens I actually opened the it. This led to a new experimental process of directing the camera towards the sun for several hours. I was told in school never to do this, so, of course, I had to do it. After some trials I was able to control the exposure for several hours while the camera was looking directly at the sun.

This serendipitous event opened a new realm of exploration, not just working with the night sky, but also using this process in a wide range of possibilities. This type of discovery has become an essential part of my working process.