Finally Here

I awoke this morning and found myself in Zagreb, Croatia. It all seems like a crazy dream; a reoccurring dream. For the past few months I have been constantly doing paperwork and organizing and prepping and getting ready. Now, I find myself here, sitting in a nice old apartment by the train station looking at this screen.

What amazes me is that I could be home looking at this screen in my studio, which I was just a day ago. Time travel has a new meaning. I feel like I’m not here but when I look outside I see something different:

This is where I stopped to have my first cup of coffee at a café on my new block. I walked to the market to get supplies so the kitchen would look a little more personable. When I passed this café I stopped to have a coffee to fight the push of the lag and I was thinking about this as my new ‘hood’ for the next 5 months. When I do this sort of thing I like to stay local and patronize the locality and get familiar with a few of the baristas so they begin to recognize me. This helps me establish a sense of neighborhood. After all this will be my community for the next five months. I love this market as it is not one of the big box stores.

This market has been around for many years and they integrate the arts into the landscape.

What I want to do in the next few posts is to show what I find different as well as my first impressions.