Groznjan Photo Workshop

As a way for me to get to know the students and faculty we spent 6 days in Groznjan, a small hill top town on the Istrian peninsula, in northwest Croatia. (http://www.groznjan.com/en/uvod.php) The Academy of Dramatic Arts, part of the University of Zagreb, has a four story building in this idyllic village. With views from 360 degrees it rivals anything one could find in Tuscany.

The City at Twilight

Just Before Dawn

Morning Light

Grapes Ready to Harvest

The workshop was a view camera workshop. My colleague Professor Nenad Ilijić and I were teaching. He handled most of the view camera instruction with both of us working with students in the field. I presented lots of photographer’s work as well as many lectures about creativity and motivation. Our other colleagues Professor Sandra Vitaljić, Professor Jelena Blagović & Professor Darije Petković were doing everything from organizing to teaching.

The Croatian educational system is different in so many ways from the American system I am used to. In particular is the level of (outward) respect shown to the professors. All students address the professor as Professor Vitaljić or Professor Ilijić or Professor Petkovićor Professor Blagović. As I am not used to such formality, the question became how should the students refer to me. After discussion we decided on Professor Willijić.

Sandra Discussing the Days Activities

Nenad Teaching

Darije Photographing

Jelena Posing

Reviewing Negatives by Street Light

The "Darkroom"

Late Night Processing Fun

Sandra, Darija & Jelena Enjoying Coffee While Students Work

Reviewing Prints from the 'Response Exercise'

Making Closing Comments Quoting from the Book ‘Art & Fear’

Students’ attitudes are universal. The joy of going out for several days to concentrate on image making, learning about photography and yourself as well as stepping back in time in this wonderful artists colony makes for the perfect learning environment.

Gallery of Students at Work (and Play)

Other Things I Saw