The Garden of Cinque Terre

As we left the beauty and splendor of the sea today I felt sad because I did not want to go. I want to stay and enjoy the beauty of Cinque Terre for much more time than we had. Not only does the beauty of the land and the water feel good, and nourishing and cleansing, but my soul felt clean and happy and relaxed.

On my hike from Montorosso to Vernazza I had a wonderful experience. It was sunset and the weather was amazing; Warm and fresh. I could think of no other place that I would rather be. It became one of those religious experiences that I can not describe in words or pictures (but, of course, I will try).

As I was hiking I realized that it was a Tuesday (martedi) afternoon in September. Millions of people in the world are at work wishing that they where not. But here I was having to make the difficult decision of which way the path went. As I thought that I was lost I went around the corner (if there is such a thing in nature) and found help.

It complemented my feeling of ease wonderfully. I felt so privileged to be at that spot. The reader may think this is silly unless it has been experienced first hand.