It is difficult to keep up with everything. I am mixed. Michele is here and I really enjoy spending time with her. My Italian class has started and I need to spend more time than most on that. I've finally gotten started on making copy negs and I have been shooting during the day and processing in the kitchen sink at night. I also have quite a large amount of writing to do. And now that I am ready to start photographing, the weather has changed to rain. I wonder when we will see the sun again?

It is funny to think that I feel overwhelmed. I have much freedom and all time in the world. Some of these time frames I set to get things done may be a bit unrealistic. But that seems to be a common theme in the way that I work.

Oh Well, off to another tough day at the office! I recall a saying that goes something like: A bad day of fishing is still better than a good day at the office. Lets see, for my life right now I can't relate to that saying at all. They are all good days! But yet I seem to (as is common to humans, I guess) still find something to worry about. But overall this is an amazing experience. One that I will never forget and am privileged to have!