It seems as though our lives are full of different stimuli. We have the option to chose from a full palette of contrasts. These contrasts came be seen in almost every aspect of our lives. In fact it is a wonder, and quite amazing, that we can make logical choices.

It seems that it starts as we are kids in the educational system, or actually even before. We are products of our society, and our choices are affected by the pressures of our society. When I think of it, I sometimes feel overwhelmed by the pressures and choices that we have to make. In fact, I am surprised that we do not fill up and get overloaded.

Take this guy for example, I met him at a museum where he works. We had a long talk. He is so overwhelmed by all of the decisions that he has to make each day that he can not function. He just sits there, as though on display with this blank look in his eyes. He is constantly 'inside' himself, trying to sort out all of his choices. He said the he is constantly being bombarded by all of the stimuli of everyday live. To decide to do anything is too difficult, so he just sits there, like a mummy on display. The town (of San Gimignano) uses him as a 'display item', I was told, to show everyone that we must not get too far into our own world of choice. We must keep looking outward and ignore most of the stimuli that constantly bombards us. The man said that sometimes he feels like a satellite dish, constantly receiving signals. I asked what happens once you get too many of these signals and he said that it all seems to go into a big chamber and just swirls around.

I suggested that he continue that visualization and turn down the swirling action and dump out most of it. "Just let it go" I said. He did not move, he just sat. His glassy eyes frozen staring directly into mine, he was gone, to somewhere else, far away. Then his eyes closed for a moment. When he opened them he had life in them. He smiled and looked at me with a new clarity. He said that he felt as though he had been stuck in a sort of circular time bomb, turning and about to blow-up.

My suggestion took him to this visualization and he saw himself in the center of it. When I suggested that he dump out most of it, it suddenly turned down and drained. He said that all he had left was an image of a clear egg form. Nice, clean, clear and light.

He said that it was as though it was a museum piece. A big alabaster structure with a egg shaped hole in it. The egg was light and empty. His mind suddenly was at ease. He noticed a short chord in the egg and it was a thread of will power. The ability to filter the things that he did not need to consider. He said he felt a new sense of self. A new sense of life! He felt young and strong, alive and ready to live. He said he had an image in his mind of a sculpture by Michelangelo. A naked male form, and within this he felt himself.

He no longer felt his years of 55. He suddenly felt young, in his thirties, that was when he started to go away, to leave the present, to be a mummy. Now he felt he could pick up where he left off and fill those years with living, to make up for all that he lost was now his mission.

He looked me directly in the eye. No words spoken. I felt what he felt. A connection that we have with everyone and everything if we allow it to go through. No words spoken. He got up, held my hand, and the power and energy transferred was a confirmation of what we had shared for eons of life. Not just now, not just here, but always.