OK, On Again

I awoke at 7:30 sharp this morning after a sound sleep. I could have gone back into sleep, but I was, as usual, curious. Curious about the weather. To my surprise, as I opened the curtain I saw blue shy. What a shock! I made some tea, not my usual dose of coffee, I think I am getting a dose of heartburn from coffee or the warm milk I add. I prepared the equipment and headed off to scout and hopefully photograph. After a long dry spell of not photographing and a long wet spell of rain, I was hopeful of exposing some film today.

Like a prepared boy scout I was ready. I headed toward town and decided to go back to Viale Giosue' Cardu and Via Guinizell. That is where I was yesterday scouting and it started to rain like hell as soon as I got there and I called off the scouting and decided to come home and just relax and read. (That is difficult for me do!) After scouting that spot yesterday I thought that if would not be a good area to rephotograph because it had changed so much. The statue in the photograph surrounded by a bombed out building had been moved to a different location, but was still in the area. The scene was unrecognizable so it would not make for a good rephotograph.

(High quality copy work huh?) I decided to walk back to that scene today and just take a look. Glad I did. Instead of trying to match the statue, I walked around the statue and looked for similarities in the architecture, and I found it!

I thought that after rebuilding the area the entire scene had changed. But viewed from the northeast, not southwest I was able find the arches in the left side of the remains of the building that you can not see in the above copy. But other than that the scene was still unrecognizable. As I looked over the scene I could see on the right side a steeple of a church. I recalled that when I made the copy negative from the original there was an other image that had the steeple in it. So that would give the rephotograph a value. For the scene had really changed. I was initially drawn to the statue still standing after a bomb blew-up most of the building. But by moving the statue, it nulled the idea of the rephotograph. But, having the steeple in the rephotograph as well as in the original, it will make it work. So I will make another copy negative of the other image.

OK, So after a dry period for photographing, and a wet period for the weather, I feel on again. It is amazing how I go through these times of feeling on and off about all of this. The off times are a pain in the ass. The on times are wonderful. I hate the off times but now (again) realize how essential they are.