On Awaking...

I usually wake up in the morning feeling well rested with a relaxed yet slight tense feeling. I have for years. It seems that the tension is in my jaw, but I do not clench it. It is just tight muscles and I hear a sort of static in the center of my brain. I do a relaxation exercise. I just relax it and it goes away. Nothing to it.

I wonder how much we can relax other things in our life by just a relaxation exercise? I often wonder how much we can control what we think that we can not control. The 'spirit that moves in all things' may be greater than we expect or realize. But we do not open up enough to it. I know that people like my friend Subagh, who has devoted his life to practicing yoga, has a much different insight into the workings of the 'spirit' (and the planet) than most. He feels, and I agree, that we can do much more than we give ourselves credit for. What is this spirit thing? I have always been really curious (and confused) about it. Even when I was a kid in the second grade. Is it a thing? A place? A what? The mystery remains. (Actually, I think it is not a question of what it is, it just IS, and we make it so mysterious!)