Easter in Italy. The entire town closes for a few days. Monday is considered a national holiday. I asked a few locals why and what do you do. His reply was that they do the same as on Pasqua...'Eat'. I should have known! Eating is a national past-time in this country. I often think that is why they have holidays here (actually they do it all the time - but for holidays they get to do and eat more!)

Spending the entire day alone as I did today was actually not too bad. I would not want to do it all the time, but as my time here is almost at an end, I savor these quiet times. The weather was broken today (clouds/sun). I could not photograph, so I decided to go to the cemetery (cimitero) to scout for some rephotos. When I got there I realized that it is the Resurrection (resurrezione). So the cemetery was full of live beings paying homage to the un-life beings (morto). I was amazed to see all the flower shops just outside the cemetery open and selling flowers by the ton. That must make the dead happy!

So, I walked around documenting all of the souls that have been resurrected from the dead and are 'living' happily in heaven.