Ah Bologna!

Yesterday as I walked through the piazza for the last time I had a different feeling in my soul. It felt different to me, different than it ever had before. I was no longer part of this city. I was now a tourist; someone passing through, not a part of the city. It was a strange and quite sad feeling. For months I've walked and sat in this piazza. It has accepted me and embraced my dreams and fantasies, but now it was over. I felt no longer part of the fortunate family that seemed to have some ownership or stake in center of this being that started a heart beat in 5BC. It was quiet. I was alone. It was sad. At that point it was over. My project done. My interaction finished. It hit me suddenly, fast and it came with pain and sadness. I was rejected. Forced out of the womb. Sent out on my own. My freedom was stripped. I was homeless.

I will always remember the sounds: busses, garbage trucks, gates, doors, dogs, old folks, motor bikes, and mostly my friends new and old that helped to make this all possible: