Michele Visits

It is so nice to see a familiar soul. After only a few weeks in a foreign country to have Michele come over and visit is a wonderful thing. Of course, it is always great to see her. The love of my life... my wife. We are best friends. This year will be strange not be with her as much as we usually are.

I also am looking forward to the time alone. It feels good to be alone sometimes. As I wrote about in earlier entries. But being alone makes me realize what is important and what is not, and that can make me stronger as an individual. As I sit here now writing this I wonder how differently I will feel after she has been gone for a few months.

I see myself in her in so many ways.

We have a great time together.

It is sometimes a bit scary how much we are alike. Sometimes it gets frustrating because she knows what I'm thinking or what I am going to say before I even say (or sometimes think) it. This gets weird. But we work at it.

Being in a relationship for 16 years gives one the possibility of seeing your partner in strange and interesting ways.

While this entry is feeling surface and simple, it is difficult to really get into it with her visiting. Actually I sometimes feel as though she is looking over my shoulder, even though she is not, and usually does not. I often feel that however. I am learning to realize that it is a good indicator of my insecurities.

The learning process continues...